Sinking Wood

1) A place-name near Holmfirth.

The diarist Oliver Heywood wrote in 1684 of a visit he made on horseback to New Mill, a former coal-mining area near Holmfirth. He lost his way in the snow and got intangled in a wood, among bogs, and very dangerous precipices: it was moonlight when he reached his destination, where his host told him that the wood was so full of pits … that its called Sinking Hills. It is still known as Sinking Wood and if the local story has any truth in it there must have been coal-pits there many centuries, since it was called synkynge wodd in a title deed of 1545. In the Thurstonland township book is a payment in 1778 to Mr Banks’s Colliers for searching Pit in Sinking Wood for Mary Firth.

places New Mill
dates 1545 1684

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0