1) An individual's relations, generally used for those through marriage or godparents.

Visitation Articles of 1576 make it clear that marriage within the degrees of consanguinity or affinitie could be forbidden by the lawes of God. A man’s affinity was his spiritual family, not his kinsmen but those individuals to whom he was related by marriage or through the godparent relationship: 1483 his blode adherentts and affinitie, York

1574 whether he be related by blood or affinity, Danby Wiske. These people formed a tight-knit group within the larger community and often acted together: in a Star Chamber case in 1535, Burton in Lonsdale witnessed an armed raid by men called Tatham and Lund with numerous tenants of there alye and affinyte . After the failed Pilgrimage of Grace in 1537 three northern men were hanged because they had with their affinitie ... pretended to have made a new conspiracie … in the north country.

dates 1483 1535 1537 1574 1576

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