1) A tunic of white cloth, one of the vestments worn by priests.

1435 unum alb de gris fustian steyned, York. In 1472 Ralph Snaith wrote in his will I bewytt [bequeath] ... to the kirke of Acworth a vestyment that wantys an albe: clearly the alb was missing so he added vjs viijd to by [buy] an albe wyth . A curiously-spelt entry in the accounts of the churchwardens of Sheriff Hutton, in 1540, is headed for mendyng off gere, and the following extract is worth quoting in full: Item takyng asonder an olde albe making thayr off two amis hodis and two payre of slevis too other two albis .

dates 1435 1472 1540

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0