1) The ale-taster was a manorial official appointed via the court leet to taste or test the quality of the ale within his jurisdiction.

1533 Robert Pewe & Thomas Shyppyn, ayle taiesters for Gowthorp, Selby. In 1332 the man who held the office in Horbury had the surname Goodale, and it seems likely that this was a kind of occupational nickname: elsewhere in Yorkshire the name De Willelmo Sourale is recorded in 1301. John Richardson was the ale-taister in Snainton in 1626 and an alehouse keeper there was indicted for refusing to sell him his ale and beere despite monie being tendered to his wife for the same. A Burton Agnes by-law of 1632 states that all Alehouse Keepers and Ale wifes shall make good and sufficient ale ... and the same shall sell att such prices as the Aletasters shall allowe .

dates 1301 1332 1533 1626 1632

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0