1) Of horses, to have a smooth, even gait.

In 1505, a Leeds man referred to his grey nage that awmylles. Such horses were deemed suitable for ladies to ride and they are mentioned frequently in wills. In 1556, John Smith of Sherburn left his wife an amblinge gray mare called throstell and in 1472 Ralph Snaith of Pontefract gave his Gray Awmbylyng horsse … in the name of [his] mortuary . Among the more unusual spellings are hawmelinge horse in 1547 and halmelyng foole in 1559

1552 to my cosyn Dorothie Skergell ... a nawmbling meare and hir foole, Womersley.

spellings ambling nawmbling hawmelinge halmelyng
dates 1472 1505 1552 1556 1559

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0