1) A maker of anchors.

The OED has examples only from 1662 when the diarist Pepys visited Mr Timbull who was an anchor-smith and also the mayor. The occupation was established in Scarborough from the fourteenth century at least: 1391 Johannes Eston de Scardeburgh le Ankersmyth: in his will this man left his anvil, great hammers, smaller hammers and pairs of tongs to an apprentice and a near relative. The other early references were also in Scarborough: 1432 John Alissonson, Scardeburgh, ankersmyth

1522 Robert Clerke, ankarsmyth

1588 Thomas Clarke, Skarbroughe, ankker smythe. Baines’s North Riding directory of 1822 had three entries under ‘Anchor Smiths’, and they included William and Benjamin March of Sand side, Scarborough. There were also anchor-smiths in Hull: 1585 John Butler, Hull, anckersmyth

1593 Robert Hipingestall, Hull, ancker smythe .

places Hull Scarborough
dates 1391 1432 1522 1585 1588 1593

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0