1) A large wooden chest or coffer used to store food, especially malt or meal.

1341 lego dictć Alicie … unum archam quć fuit matris ejusdem Agnetis, York

1419 Item lego Alicie … filie mee, j Archam, Pontefract

1535 ij flesche erkes, Stillingfleet

1549 I bequeathe to John Ramesden ... to be heirlomes ij scleddes, a plughe, a narke, a counter, a lange settill and a kiste, Elland

1551 my lesse meale arke, Warley

1573 one great Arke standynge in the nether chamber, Crosland

1614 one great troughe in the chamber and one arke in the laith, Barwick

1628 to Ellen Guy his mother one greate arke called Malt Arke, Hartwith

1647 had a load of meale out of the new ark, Thurlstone

1748 one mail [meal] ark, Sowerby.

spellings narke arke
dates 1341 1419 1535 1549 1551 1573 1614 1628 1647 1748

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0