1) Chips of wood or splinters, suitable for kindling.

The editor of the fabric rolls for York Minster interpreted it as ‘hazel wood’: 1415 Et in m. ascelwod empto de Johanne Lemyng, 21s 6d [to burn lime], York

1432 dimidium chaldre carbonum marinorum, di. hascelwodd, York

1445-6 cc astelwod pro blumbo [sic] et vitro cum stanno prćdicto operandis 2s 8d, Beverley

1510 a hundreth fagats ... a thowsande astyllwode ... a thowsaunde turfez, York.

spellings ascelwod hascelwood astyllwode astelwod
places York Beverley
dates 1415 1432 1445-1446 1510

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0