1) The right to get timber, perhaps wood for the helves of axes or for an axle-tree.

A lease of the manor of Thorpe Underwood in 1524 reserved the woods and springs to the abbot but granted to Francis Man and his son housbote, axbot, ploughbot, cartbote and fyrebote: these were rights to get timber for specific purposes and ‘axbot’ may be either a reference to wood for the helves of axes, or wood for an axle-tree. ‘Ax’ in this sense is not found after the Old English period but some compound examples survived into the sixteenth century, for example, 1585 j long wayne … ij yron ax-nailes … and two ax-trees .

spellings axbote
dates 1524 1585

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0