1) To provide food and drink for an animal, usually a horse.

1605 for baiting his mare in the Cove, Malham

1608 that no man nor woman tether nor bayte but of their owne nor drive anye lost cattele, Wakefield

1708 George Lee ... for His Horses bating in the field 2s 0d, Patrington. It could also mean to tempt with food: 1688 a man of ill fame did bait them out of the grounds of a servant hired to look to them, Kilnsey or to stop at an inn for refreshment: 1648 thence to Castleford where I bayted and spent 15d

1692 did come ... to a place called Nun Brooke near Kirkleys where they baited togeither, Mirfield

1786 set the draught off for Yarm ... had a bait at Ingleby Cross, Sessay. As a noun ‘bait’ might be fodder: 1579 baite for battames[?] 4d some ys vs, Stockeld.

dates 1579 1605 1608 1648 1688 1692 1708 1786

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0