1) A place where lead is smelted.

1527 suche leede ure as is or shalbe ... delyverde to theme unto ther baill hyllis, Bishopside

1542 paid to Robert Elles for carriage of xxij peces leade from his baill hill to Borowbrige

c.1562 Hathe sene the ... owners of the manors of Marrigge cutt downe, carrye away and burne at their leade bales suche wodde as grewe apon the saide ij parcells of grounde, Marrick. The usage is indicated in early Latin texts: 1223 ad bailliam minerie de comitatu Cumberlande

1446-58 et petit pro factura sufflatorij [bellows] pro le Bales iijs iiijd, Fountains Abbey. The origin may be linked with bale in the sense of ‘a blazing pile, a bonfire’.

spellings bale hill
dates 1223 1446-1458 1527 1542 1562

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0