1) A wooden panier or hamper which served to carry heavy loads, especially charcoal.

They were used in pairs, placed over the backs of horses, one on each side, and had a bottom which pulled out for the convenience of emptying: 1299-1300 In banastris et durges

1306-7 Pro j pari de banastris, Bolton Priory

1568 the quarter ys a horsselode of coll put into banesteres of wood, Esholt

1608 5 pair of New Banisters, Barnby Forge

1732 William Lindley … says that he was bound apprentice to a banister maker, Dodworth.

dates 1299-1300 1306-1307 1568 1608 1732

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0