1) A banker was a covering for a bench [bank] or chair, usually of tapestry, and in many contexts accompanied by a dosser and cushions (note the different spellings of the latter word).

1305 pro baunkers et quissynes, Bolton Priory

1389 a docer & a new bancqwer & ij Cochyns, York

1432 a rede docer with a banquere and all the whisshyns, Scarborough

1565 two benkers stayned with armes xvs, two sewed quyshens of silke xxxs, Temple Newsam. A table covering was a banker cloth: 1581 1 table cloth, 1 benker clothe, Anston.

spellings banker cloth benker
dates 1305 1389 1432 1565

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0