1) Forms of baldachin, a rich embroidered material which is said to derive its name from Bagdad where it was first made.

1291 cum duobus baudekins dat? per dominum regem, York

1389 ij pannis baudkyns, York

1452 de albo baldkyn, York

1490 a vestyment of cloith of gold of bawdkyne, the ground reid and grene with lions of gold with a corporax for the same, York

1535 iij Standing beddes wherof one of with [sic] bawdkyn and thother with rede and grene say, Stillingfleet.

spellings baudekin baudkin
dates 1291 1389 1452 1490 1535

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0