1) Litter for horses or cattle.

In Slaithwaite in 1541 it was laid down ‘that if any inhabitant acquire More beddyng than he takes home’ he should forfeit 12d. The bedding was obtained from areas set aside for that purpose on the moor, and peat-cutting there was forbidden: 1546 ‘no person shall dig turf within the beddynge doles’. They were probably cutting bracken and heather: 1627 liberty to … pull heath and ling and to mowe bedding upon the commons, Heptonstall. This practice probably explains the minor place-names Bedding Edge in Hepworth, the site of a farm from 1708, and Beddingslacke in Warley, recorded in 1664-5.

dates 1546 1627 1664-1665 1708

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0