1) A term for a range of coarse, grass-like reeds, rushes, sedges, etc, found on moorland.

1562 before the first ploughing it was for two thirds faire and good grene girse grounde and bent and swerthe grounde ... ther is one pece of bentishe grounde, Rawdon

1634 noe person ... dwelling out of the Lordshipp ... shall grave any bent swarthe ... ground, Meltham. Angus Winchester has shown that bent was used for thatching and it was clearly valued as a commodity in the West Riding: 1372 pro bentis falcatis … et asport. 2d, Meltham - a fine for illegally cutting and taking bent. In fact Benty Lee is a locality in Meltham, recorded as bentylegh in 1432.

dates 1432 1562 1579

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0