1) A bench or a wooden shelf, especially one for plates; a regional spelling.

1422 the glasse wyndows, the bynkes, the paved flore, York

1549 a side burde with al the bynkes, Elland. A binkboard is found in contexts which suggest that it may have been a long board supported on trestles, either a table or a bench: 1535 a cownter, a chayr, a fyrme with a bynk bord, Mappleton

1554 a sydebord ii chares a forme with a bynkbord, South Cave

1623 one forme and an ould table leafe with one benke, Pudsey

1634 a table, 2 formes, 2 trestles, and a bincke borde and 3 cushions, Elmswell.

spellings binkboard benk
dates 1422 1535 1549 1554 1623 1634

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0