1) To bellow, of animals.

1642 If your Calves bee any of them under 3 weekes in the howse before they bee putte forth, yow are to have a care that the kyne and they bee kept soe farre asunder that they may not heare the rowtinge and blaring one of another, Elmswell. The noun occurs in the same source: 1642 ... the Ewes, keepe company with them, and knowe theire blares.

places Elmswell
dates 1642

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2) A paste used to caulk ships' timbers, or, as here, house timbers, probably a mixture of wool waste and pitch.

1466-8 ‘flocks bought for making of blare ... 3 barrel of pyke’, Hull.

places Hull
dates 1466-1468

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0