board clog

1) These were substantial pieces of timber intended for planks or boards.

For example, oak trees listed in a north Yorkshire wood account c.1568 had their specific uses given, that is for wayne blayddes, an axell tree and a bowrde clogg. In the same survey was another borde clogg which was felled and sawyene [sawn] into two parts, one to Henry Awdens for the working of yt, Pickering. An earlier list of okes, trese and stubs included five separate but consecutive entries, each for j bourd clog. The survey was a retrospective list of woodland offences, most of them apparently taking place in the late 1490s. The latest use of this word that I have come across is in a Slaidburn inventory of 1689, where 1 board clogg was valued at 4d only.

dates 1495-1499 1568 1689

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0