bottom coal

1) Coal from below the undercut.

When John Lister had a new pit sunk in Shibden in 1749-50 he gave to the colliers to drink for the bottom coal 7s and The Leeds Intelligencer had an advertisement in 1758 for the sale of fresh-drawn, clean dressed bottom coals at 6d per corf of three bushels, Beeston. In that district the reference was to coal from the Low Bed as opposed to the Hardband: 1638 there is two rowes of bottom cole, and one rowe of hardband to be gotten, Parlington

1816 Given colliers for bottom coal of the Low Bed Ł1 7s 6d, Bradshaw.

dates 1638 1749-1750 1758 1816

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0