1) A large iron nail, evidently worth sharpening.

1538 sherpyng of gret old brages, St Michael’s, York. Perhaps the word should be compared with 'brod' which sometimes had the alternative spelling 'brog': 1357 Item, bragges empt’, iijd, York

1371 Et in 100 brags emptis pro le schaffald in fabrica, 3s, York

1456 pro diversis clavis, viz., viij.c bragges, York

1544 20 grete braggs for making of the hoopes of both the rammes, Bridlington

1651 for plates and braggs to fasten the seates, Sheffield

1769 fifty iron nailes commonly called brag nailes alias spykes, Topcliffe.

spellings brog (1)
dates 1357 1371 1456 1538 1544 1651 1769

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0