1) Spellings of burn, burned and burnt.

1432 in wax to be brent about me ij sereges, Scarborough

1507-8 I bequethe a candyll of a pownd to be bryntt afore the sacrament in the same chyrch, Wighill

1514 caried v or vj lodes off the seid tymber home ... and brynd hytt, Moor Monkton

c.1540 the Woodde that they brenne their Leade is brought owte of ... Dirhamshir, Swaledale. Such spellings are common in early minor place-names, e.g. 1308 le Brendeleyhirst

1337-8 le Brenandriddingg.

spellings brend brent brint
dates 1308 1337-1338 1432 1507-1508 1514 1540

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0