1) A building material formed of clay, moulded and baked in a kiln.

The word is first recorded in c.1440 and Yorkshire examples date from the sixteenth century: 1531 Pro Flanders teyle et bryke to Mr Kirbye howse, 23s, York

c.1535 a fayre chimney of brikkes, Swine

c.1590 A thowsande bricke for a Chimney there, North Newbald

1694 To the Brickmakers for Earnest 1s, Tong Hall

1739 10 days leading coals to Brickiln Ł2 10s 0d

Jo. Cook note for making Bricks Ł73 8s 0d, Whitley Hall. In Beverley, the bricklayers had their own guild, evidently from before 1426 and William Kitchinge bricklaier died there in 1590. However, ‘bricks’ may have been described as tiles in that earlier period.

dates 1426 1531 1535 1590 1694 1739

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0