1) This was the usual word in Yorkshire for a bridle-path or bridle-way.

1515 ‘between petesole on the south and un bridilsty on the north’, Holmfirth

1573 ‘a bridle stye on the north’, Ecclesall. In 1687, bridle stieths was a regional spelling in Holme. The status of such rights of way was discussed at the Quarter Sessions: 1676 ‘touching a way ... leading to New Malton, whether the same were a bridle-sty or a common highway for cart and carriage’. The form which we now use, that is ‘bridle-way’, was rare but it occurred as bridilway in Quarmby in 1439. Combinations of the two terms are on record from the seventeenth century: 1675 a bridle sty highway between Wetherby and Bickerton

1705 a bridlesty way, Snydall.

dates 1515 1573 1675 1676 1687 1705

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0