1) This is the northern form of ‘bridge’ and it is found as an element in minor place-names from the twelfth century.

As a vocabulary item it occurs in early bridge contracts: 1422 the old stane brigge and the new brigge of tree, Catterick

1442 over which streem ys made a brigge of tymbre called Turnbrigg … with a moveable leaf in the centre for the passage of vessels .

dates 1422 1442

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2) An iron frame, often hinged, which was set over the fire to support pots and pans (YRS134/165).

It was usually in the plural: 1520 a yrne chimney with the brigges, Fairburn

1550 one yron chymnaye, one paire of briges, Normanton

1611 on range, tongs and briges vijs, Cottingley

1657 Lockye Ollerton did assault Isabell Ryley with a payre of Iren Briggs, Ulley.

dates 1520 1550 1611 1657

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0