1) A round-headed nail made by blacksmiths (OED).

Examples in the OED are given under ‘brad’ which is defined there as a thin, flattish nail of the same thickness throughout but tapering in width, having a small ‘lip’ on one edge, instead of a head. The evidence makes it clear that it could be used in roofing: 1309 pro iiijML broddis emptis iiijs viijd, Bolton Priory

1371 Et in m. brods emptis pro domo scolarium cooperienda, 18d, York

1399 240 broddis, Selby

1444 pro v.m broddes, 7s, York

1548 ij.m broddes, 2s 6d, York

1559 A thowsande broddes, 20d, York.

spellings brog (1)
dates 1309 1371 1399 1444 1548 1559

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0