1) In a rare use of this word an article was described as ‘broken’ when it was in its constituent parts and not damaged. It referred therefore to carts that were taken to pieces and stored under cover through the winter.

1554 one helme, a carte broken there, Brantingham

1687 2 pair of wheeles & 4 pair of wheeles broken, Kettlewell. The clothier’s tenter frames could also be taken to pieces: 1686 one tenter wood as the same is broken and ready for setting up, Huddersfield. This example is from the will of Richard Williamson who farmed the tolls of the town's market, and his widow's will contains a reference in 1696 to Boards and Broaken Wood and Certaine Loose Stalls .

dates 1554 1686 1687 1748

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0