1) A measure of capacity which contains four pecks or eight gallons. Many references are to the vessel used as a measure.

1357 Item j bussel iij scutels xiiijd, York

1476 any maner graynes, salt, coles or any othering [sic] that aughte to be metted or measured by mette, bushel, half bushel, pekk and half pekk, York

1558 on bushell skepe, South Cave. The measure differed from one place to another and was not standardised until quite late: 1603 Robt Russell ... had a busshell measured by comon bushel at Scardburgh and sealed by the towne seale

1619 Wheat ... sould in Thriske market by ther measure was but 7 bushells 2 pecks besides the towel, Brandsby

1706 the town’s brass bushel being insufficient the Surveyors to procure two new bushel skeps of wood, Beverley. Note the reference to bushels made of wickerwork: 1490 De j lez wand-bushell ijd, York.

dates 1357 1476 1490 1558 1603 1619 1706

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0