1) A coarse material or woollen bed-cover.

1579 vj cotton blankets, viijs, ij fledg blankets, vs, ij caddow blankets, ijs iiijd, Kendal

1631 five coverlitts and two caddowes, Pudsey

1674 Jonathan Drake sayeth that ... his wife ... told him that one Robert Rawnsley ... tooke a caddow from her, Bradford

1758-62 the proper way to make weft for making of rugs bye some called cadows, Wakefield. Wright has ‘cadow’ as a rug or mantle.

dates 1579 1631 1674 1758-1762

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2) The jackdaw, but also used as an insult.

1468 ‘you called me Ceadou: will you maintain your words or not’, Hunsingore.

places Hunsingore
dates 1468

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0