1) The wick of a candle, formerly made of rushes, tow, or flax, and also of twisted or woven cotton fibre, noted from the Old English period (OED).

It was being imported in the fifteenth century: 1453 8 petris candyl weke

1471 16C candelweke, Hull and was included in expenses incurred by institutions and landed families: c.1540 Item for candilwyk 6d, Nunkeeling

1579 Item for candelweacke, iiijd, Stockeld

1656 6˝ stone of candle weake, Ł1 19 0, Selby. In 1715-6 the losses by fire of George Haigh of Knaresborough included Linn yarn & candle weak, valued at Ł5.

dates 1453 1471 1540 1579 1656 1715-1716

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0