1) Dried cow’s dung which was used for fuel.

1569 no one to take cassyngs from the Carre or any other field, Acomb

1591 an old bushel skepp, a syle, cassens, turves, South Cave

1633 no inhabitant shall collect any Casons, Aldborough. The casings were evidently stored in outhouses in the farmyard, probably on overhead balks: 1634 1 horseheck and a manger with skelbouthes with the casinlyers and the wood that the cattle-meat lies on, Elmswell. ‘Case’ seems to have been an occasional alternative form: 1607 Richard Atkinson [presented] for his wife gathering cases, Calton.

dates 1569 1591 1607 1633 1634

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0