chafing dish

1) A dish which could be filled with burning charcoal, so that plates of food might be cooked gently or kept hot.

1520 a new chafyng dysshe of laten, Mount Grace

1535 Item iij Shalfing dishes, iijs, Stillingfleet

1554 a cobord, a laver, a chawfyndyshe, South Cave

1606 a chafindishe of brasse, Timble

1642 Sette your chafinge dish of coals into one of your bowles, Elmswell

1700 saw John Walker blowing a fire made of Coal Charcoal, on a chafen dish, Wakefield.

dates 1520 1535 1554 1606 1642 1700

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0