chopping bill

1) Usually a hedging-bill, that is a heavy, thick knife with a hooked end, used for laying or pruning hedges.

1644 Item two strikeingbills one paire of chopping billes, Lepton

1699 one pair of chopping bills, Slaithwaite. The implement had a distinctive shape and this gave rise to the field-name Chopping Bill Close, found in several parishes, the earliest in Lepton in 1720. In connection with tanners it is likely to have been a knife for chopping bark: 1681 a waggon with bark chopt & unchopt, Selby

1686 1 working tree & working knife, 1 choping bill, 1 bark skep, Selby.

dates 1644 1681 1686 1699

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0