coal-mining tools and implements

1) The tools needed to work the coal seam.

Colliers did not own the tools they used: they might belong to the person who was operating the pit or to the land-owner, and they had to be handed over at the end of a term. In the lease of an ironstone pit in 1576 it was agreed that the said Sir Thomas Danby shall lende unto the said persons and theyre partners 2 ropes, 4 iron wedges and one Iron Hammer to work in the said eye. John and his partners stand charged to deliver the same again eyther whole or broken … at theyre works ending or giving up, Farnley. Such tools were marked with letters which identified the owner, and in a dispute between William Woodhead and Richard Sterne in 1713 it was mentioned that the picks were all stamped with the letter ‘L’: the landowner was Mr Samuel Lister of Shibden Hall. Similarly, in 1815 a coal-owner named Michael Stocks was on trial and one collier testified to finding a pick marked M S in the hollow work of Cold Harbour pit. The following bequest is in the will of Richard Williamson of Huddersfield: 1686 I will that my sonn … enjoy the colepits at Huddersfield under Mme Ramsden and I doe give unto him all my tooles and implementes belonging to the same . In 1840, 14 July, the tools used in the Tong collieries which were in the possession of P. Wharton were valued and given up to Colonel P. Tempest.To 73 cwt 3 qt 5lb of Tram plates 25 16 6To 156 Sleepers 1 6 0To 1 New Corf 1 0 0To 18 old Do 8 2 0To 12 Scoops 1 16 0 To 2 Old turns, stakes etc 7 6To 1 Do and Landing boards at Springfield Lane pit 1 10 0To 34 boring Rods, 2 Chissels, Shell, catch, Dog and double brace head 6 12 0To 36 Coal picks, 8 Coal Hammers, 1 sinking pick, 13 Coal wedges 2 Top shovels and 10 bottom Shovels 5 3 10To 2 Small rods and 3 barrow crooks 4 0To 9 Corf Axletrees, 6 Corf Wheels, 10 Cods and 6 corner plates 15 8To 7 pair of Clatches, 39 lbs of new Chain 5 old Ropes and 2 pair Of Clatches and Chains for deep pit 3 17 0To fire pan 2 pair of old Bellows, slack trough and 2 Swingletrees 2 5 0To 150 yds of flags on old Cart Road 3 15 0To 90 yds of flags on Stage 4 16 0To 1 Pair of Ropes on Gin Conductor Chains, Bawks Chares etc 9 7 6To Top pit Gin Headgear old doors etc 14 10 0To Low pit Gin Headgear Doors over pit etc 18 0 0 109 14 0

dates 1576 1686 1713 1815 1840

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