1) One whose occupation is to mend shoes.

1301 De Johanne le Cobelur, Amotherby. The coblers emerged in York as a distinct craft in the early fifteenth century, with four torches in the pageant of 1422 compared with the 14 of the cordwaners. Later references include: 1490 the said occupacion of coblers within this cite, York. The ordinances of the coblers crafte survive for 1582, listing more than a dozen regulations. Those which relate to working practices are: Item that the said coblers shall … sell, amend clowts [clowte?] and coble all old bootes with read or bend leather onelie, and not with blacke leather, upon payne of vjs viijd. … and to capp and welt both old bootes and shoes with new blacke leather at ther pleasure

and … not … medle with the solinge, clowting or amendinge of anie old shoes or bootes after they be once worne except onelie soling and vampeting of ould bootes with blacke leather upon payne of vjs viijd.

places York Amotherby
dates 1301 1422 1490 1582

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0