1) Apparently a woodland glade where nets were placed in order to trap birds such as the woodcock.

1549 none of theym shalbe … chargyd to take in theyre measure any such woodes as hath bene used to be felled for the reparacions of the heges nor any playnes or cokglades, Bradley. The practice is documented in the accounts of a North Riding gentleman: 1617 Thomas Peckett sonne … who hanges my cockgloads

1618-9 bought 6 ashe trees ny the cockgload in Awmett for ivs, Brandsby. In December 1617 there is reference to A wodcocke nett knytted by Thomas Peckett … broad before it was masted 19 yeards and depe 11 yeard & almost a quarter of a yeard. It took almost3 pounde of Mr Rawdon’s merchant thred of 2s 4d each pounde.

places Brandsby Bradley
dates 1549 1617 1618-1619

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0