1) The scrotum.

1642 Hunge tuppes are such as have both the stones in the codde, Elmswell

1675 one parsill of hors cods, Selby.

spellings codd
places Selby Elmswell
dates 1642 1675

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2) A pillow or cushion.

1396 De 7s solutis Ricardo Browester pro factura et corio pro vj coddes in vestiario, York

1451 Item ij paria linthiaminum ... iij coddes ... j lectus de murray, York

1509 a codd of rede sattayn for the hye alter, York

1546 ij blankettes, ij couerlettes, ij coddes, Great Preston

1588 vj shetes, one mattres, one codd, Dalton.

dates 1396 1451 1509 1546 1588

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3) One of the metal bearings of an axle, especially with reference to church bells.

1379-80 Et in xiij lb de messyng pro ij coddes ad dictam campanam, Ripon

1400 Alano Quelewright, pro ... j codd pour le charet, Richmond

1425 Item ... pro uno kode de ćre, 2s 2d, Ripon.

places Richmond Ripon
dates 1379-1380 1400 1425

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0