1) A pail or bucket, usually made of wood, and listed in inventories with other ‘wood vessel’.

1549 a kytte, a collocke, Rawmarsh

1588 three standes, thre collockes, one flasket, two kittes, five tubbes, Dalton

1609 knopps, collockes, kymlinges, piggens, dishes and cans, Bowland. Roger Couper was making collokes in Sowerby in 1337. ‘Bochecollock’ or collock-mender occurred as a by-name from the thirteenth century: 1241-52 Symon Bothocolock [sic], Broughton. One other meaning of collock seems to have escaped attention. In many early wills it was clearly a small silver object, perhaps a casket: 1391 j pecia argenti vocata collok, Scarborough

1419 lego unum collokke de argento eidem Johanni, Halsham

1444 Item lego eidem j collok argenteum pond. viij unc. ixd, Beverley.

spellings botchcollock
dates 1315 1337 1391 1419 1444 1549 1588 1609

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0