1) A cloth, of linen, velvet or other material, on which the consecrated elements were placed during the celebration of mass, and which was then used as a cover. They were usually conserved in a case.

1498 Item iiij corporaxez with casez belonging therto, price ijs, Wakefield

1524 Item vj corporaxis with casys, Sheriff Hutton

1558 one corporax case wrought with silke and gold and the corporax within it, York. An inventory of goods in St William’s Chapel on Ouse Bridge, York, lists eight richly varied corporaxes, including those of tawne velvet ... clothe of gold sett with perle ... tawne damaske ... blew silke ... and burd alexander. More decorative were one sett with dyvers lords armes in yt, one with castels of gold and ij lyons, and finally one with dyvers fac[e]s with nedill wark. The spelling could vary: 1544 one keircheyff to make one corperage wythall, Timble.

spellings corporax
dates 1498 1524 1544 1558

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0