1) A pin which could be inserted through a hole in order to secure something such as a bolt: they were typically made of iron and used frequently in connection with church bells.

1544 for makyng of 5 yron bolts with their coterells, Hilderthorpe

1573 a cotterell to the little bell, 1d, York

1595 for sex cotterills for the bells, 12d, Howden

1665 Nich: Atkinson pro bolt & the cotterill of the little carriage, Ripon Minster

1727 nineteen iron tenter pins, one iron cotterall, one iron sadle plate, Sowerby. In his Farming Book, Henry Best described the use of cotterels in the building of sheep folds: 1642 The 5th thinge belonging to a barre is Cotterills, which ... serve instead of pinnes, beinge something like unto wood-pinnes but they have a notch in the midst, that they beinge once knockā€™d in they cannot come forth again, Elmswell.

dates 1544 1573 1595 1642 1665 1727

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0