1) The tolls charged for the use of the common crane in York.

For centuries the city of York possessed a crane which was used in the loading and unloading of ships: it was referred to as the common crane and the tolls charged for its use, known as cranage, provided the city with a regular source of income. It was located in an enclosure known as the crane garth and was operated by a craneman. It was already in need of repairs at the end of the fourteenth century: 1397 Et carpentariis ad cranam, emendantibus le bek fracto xijd

1433 Et de cranagio hoc anno viijli vijs viijd

1498 any maner lede from Burghbrigge ... to be wound and weed [weighed] at the common crane of this Citie ... from the scale into the crane garthe

1514 Thomas Colman, craneman

1562 the office of the clerkship of the Common Crayne of this Citie.

places York
dates 1397 1433 1498 1514 1562

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0