1) Used for a shade of gray which resembled the main colour of the bird called the crane, and of a fabric of that colour.

1485 Unum pece vocatum crane-russytt ... unum pece vocatum crane-qwytt-narow ... j dousan parium caligarum de panno crane xs ... unum pece vocat. crane-color, cont. ix uln, viijs, York

c.1504 A hoyll peys and iij yerdes of crayn colord fusgyn vs, York

1506 my dublett of crayn colerd damesk, Overton

1529 my crane coleyrd damaske gowne, Ingmanthorpe

1566 one payre of sloppes of crayncoloryde fustyane, Catterick.

spellings crane-coloured
dates 1485 1504 1506 1529 1566

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0