1) A vessel made to hold combustible material. In many contexts it was clearly a household object but it could also be a fire basket.

1370 Item unum tripod ferr’ et j long cresset, precii ijs, Ripon

1392 j cultellum, j crasset, j parvam pelvem, Sherburn

1485 ij fryyng pannes, ij cressettes xvjd, Ripon

1559 Item to Thomas Baytson, a cresset, Pontefract

1613 Item, a range, tangs, reckon, sheares, axes, cressets, spyts, weddges, Cottingley

c.1636 Item one fryinge pann & a cresset js vjd, Eldwick.

dates 1370 1392 1485 1559 1613 1636

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0