1) A common alternative of cucking stool.

1200-15 Faciet meliorem finem quem poterit vel ibit ad Cuckestolam, Richmondshire

1594 Margaret Longfellowe shall be dowckede on the Cockstoole before Maudlan daye, Ilkley

1655 Alice Steven, Elizabeth Steven and Isabell Steven alias Hancock, all of Sheffield, common skolds to bee openly duckt in the common cuckstoole, over head and eares, each of them three tymes. The Sheffield constables’ accounts have interesting details which relate to the construction of this device: 1617 For making the Cuckstoole 9s 6d

for a lock and hoopes for it and for setting them on 1s 0d.

dates 1200-1215 1594 1617 1655

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0