1) The currier was the tradesman who dressed leather after it had been tanned.

It is a word with a complicated spelling history but derives ultimately from the Latin word for tanner and it was brought here in the post-Conquest period. Reaney has examples of it as a by-name from the early thirteenth century, and it occurs in York later in that century: 1293 Mauricius le couraour

1481 a couriour house in Hungate, York

1719 more leather curryed Ł1 0s 0d

more in sole leather Ł1 15s 0d, Slaidburn. An Act of 1503 stated that No shoemaker shall occupy the mystery of a currier, nor currier shall occupy the mystery of a shoemaker. A set of ordinances for the cuureour craft in York dates from c.1425.

spellings currier craft
places York Slaidburn
dates 1293 1425 1481 1503 1719

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0