1) The upright piece of wood nailed to the bars in the middle of a hurdle or gate.

Its function is explained in detail by Henry Best in a description of how folde barres were made: 1642 The third thinge belonginge to a barre is a dagger, which goeth straight downe the middle of the spelles and is nayled to each spell with a single 8 or 10 pennie nayle, Elmswell.

places Elmswell
dates 1642

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2) A mark of the London cutlers.

From the early seventeenth century Sheffield cutlers were passing off their wares as London products by stamping them with the mark of a dagger, and in 1624 the London Cutlery Company seized from a Sheffield factor sixt dozen and sixe knyves which had the Dagger counterfeited upon them, being Sheffeild knyves.

places Sheffield
dates 1624

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0