1) In building contexts the verb meant to coat or cover a wall with a layer of plaster, mortar or the like. If the walls were made of laths or wattle the dauber will have used clay or mud mixed with straw.

1358 Item, in stramine pro doubers, iijs, York

1420-1 Et in servicio Thome Purvay doubantis defectus parietum domorum ibidem, Selby

1518 Item payd to ij workman for dobyng of John Esyngwold howse in the Clemethorpe xvjd

paid to a dober ... and for sand, vjd, York

1538 Item xviijth loid of dobbyn erth, vjd ... to ij dobers for ij days xvjd, York

1544 ‘to repair the messuage ... with thak straws and dawbyng with mud’, Acomb

1698 for latting, dowbing & plaistering 8 lutterans, Pickering. Used attributively 1416-7 ‘For 60 doubingstoures [stakes] bought from William Brown’, Selby

1446 mille c clavis vocatis dowbyngnayle, Beverley

spellings dauber
dates 1358 1416-1417 1420-1421 1446 1518 1538 1544 1698

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0