1) This refers to the reckoning of work, wages, etc. by the day.

In Rawden, in 1564, there was a dispute about tithes after part of the moor had been enclosed and brought into cultivation. A man called James Casse, who had formerly helped to collect the tithes there, was hyered … by day tayle waiges to go with the plaintiff’s servants and tell them what was there dewe. There was little security in such work and it was said in Brandsby in 1616 that few would cast lead for daytale waige. The customary practice in York in 1582 was that bricklayers and carpenters … wrought dayetale work for twelve hours only, whereas those of the countrye, that is from the rural districts around the city, usuallie wrought … from sonne rysinge till sonne settinge … and sometymes longer. In 1754, the Woodsome Daytail Servants … were repairing the lane in Farnley Tyas.

dates 1564 1582 1616 1754

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0