dead part

1) A term used in wills in certain regions and occasionally explained in detail by the testator.

1546 I will that my goodes be devided in three pairtes, wherof one pairte therof I giue to Agnes my wif. And the seconde pairte to be devided to my fower children beinge unmarried. And the thirde pairte being the deathe pairte, to be the payment of my legacies and my funeral expenses, Leeds

1551 as for the dede pert off my godes I geve it to my wiff and my thre childer, Marske

1568 The rest of my goodes to be divided into thre partes, one to myself, called the dedes part, the second to Elizabeth my wife and the third to my sons, Pannal.

spellings death part
dates 1546 1551 1568

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0