1) Of uncertain origin, although certainly a catch of fish made in the North Sea.

A ‘drave’ was a fishing expedition and it has been suggested that ‘dogdrave’ was a reference to cod caught in the area now called the Dogger Bank. In many early spellings the suffix might be a form of ‘draw’

that is ‘haul aboard’. The word is apparently mentioned in an agreement with the Scarborough fishermen in 1251 and the OED has a reference dated 1227 which points to it as the name of the fishery. It is a regular entry in the accounts of Bolton Priory, although apparently for a number of fish: 1301-2 In ij laystes di. et d. allec salsatis ... In ccc dogdraves

1314-5 Pro cccc dogdragh’ emptis apud Hertelpole . There is some evidence that ‘dogge’ was a Dutch word for the cod. See NHR3/56n.

dates 1251 1301-1302 1314-1315

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0